Friday 31 May 2013

Fade To Black

Is it a hoppy porter, or an export stout or even a dark cascadian ale? There has been some considerable debate about the validity of the name Black IPA. How can an India "pale" ale be black? Well I have a view on this argument ... I don't give a shit about it, it is just a label get over it.

This beer is influenced by the Kernel black IPA brewed with Glyn Roberts that I first tried a couple of years ago. When I tried to do something similar at home I totally misjudged the amount of dark grains I would need to get the colour right... To my mind it had faded from black and it was a short jump while, listening to a certain band, to change the name to Fade to Black.

Another awesome Lup'in and label from Josh and Chris.

The beer has a complex grain bill with loads of crystal and crystal rye, a touch of chocolate and some carafa III special. This creates a black colour and full body to which layers of hop character are painted. The hops in this beer are Citra, Summit and Sorachi Ace. This gives a strong citrus character and interestingly a touch of toasted coconut that comes from the combination of the Sorachi and the dark malt.

If anything this version of the beer is a little too chewy and full bodied, especially in cask form, and a little low ABV so expect subtle changes for the next version, but I certainly won't be changing this too much.

This beer is available in cask, keg and bottle - look out for it in the usual places.

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