Monday, 18 March 2013

Mariana Trench

This beer started life as South Seas pale ale and was hopped with the NZ hops Pacific Gem and Nelson Sauvin. Unfortunately we are unable to get hold of Nelson Sauvin in anything more then home-brew quantities so in came Citra and out went the Nelson and Mariana Trench was born.

We aimed for 5.1% and overshot slightly thanks to more complete attenuation than we were expecting.

This beer will be available in bottle, cask and keykeg. The first cask is going to The Fox in Hanwell our closest good local pub and the first keykeg will be at the Over the Hop festival at the White Horse in Parson's Green from the 22nd - 24th March. Look out for Bryan at a Meet The Brewer on the Saturday afternoon.

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